Hawkins County Archival Project

Friends of Hawkins County Archival Project, or FOHCAP is a nonprofit organization established Jan 4, 2005 by volunteers working to establish a
future Archive for Hawkins County, Tennessee. All gifts and donations will be used to purchase supplies and equipment for use in maintaining this volunteer records project.

All donations, gifts, etc will be entered in a donation logbook and on request a receipt be given to the donator. All supplies, office equipment, furniture, etc and other necessities used for the upkeep of the project will be entered in the supplies purchased logbook.

All supplies, equipment purchased through the County Mayors office from State Grants, etc. will be entered in a separate logbook and is not part of
the FOHCAP organization.
 Call and we’ll give you a tour to see the old records that are being sorted through and placed into acid free folders, afterwards to be indexed and filmed.  People working on this project are all volunteers, these old records are important historically to our county.

Hawkins County Archive Project
955 East McKinney Avenue
Rogersville, TN 37857



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