Sizemore Researcher

  Sizemore DNA Project Administrator

Joy King, a foremost Sizemore researcher, has greatly contributed to all aspects of Sizemore studies; from their history and genealogy to the study of their DNA. Though born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Joy has been living on the beautiful coast of South Carolina for 40 years. Prior to her interest in genealogy she was the buyer and manager of the first Danish counted cross stitch shop in the U. S. located at the Hammock Shop at Pawleys Island, SC and later called The Counting House.  She started researching her SC & TN genealogical roots in 1985 and held several officer positions in the South Carolina Genealogical Society until 1996. Joy is a Sizemore descendant through her paternal grandmother. And most importantly, mother of 7 children (5 girls 2 boys), 10 grandchildren (8 boys 2 girls) and great-grandmother of Ryan Everett King.. 

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