Tuesday, November 25, 2014

...................... No Portuguese

When we started the Core Melungeon DNA project in 2005  I hope to be able to show that the Malungeons were in fact Portuguese, who came from the long-shore parts of Virginia. And intermixed with the Indians, and subsequently their descendants after the advances of the whites into this part of the state with the Negros and the whites, thus forming the present race of Melungens.   Both my Minor and Goins ancestors claimed to be Portuguese on the 1880 census of Hancock County, Tennessee.  And was very disappointed when none of the haplogroups showed Portugal. The latest bad news came recently with the regional SNP J-Z640. 

The DNA regional SNP has proven the opposite, they probably claimed Portuguese because their native countries were controlled by Portugal and they most likely came to America on a Portuguese ship, especially the ones who came from Angola.  

SNP J-Z640.  click on the link below, Look at it and where it is found.
Now, if we were to find this in the Melungeon core families - we would be more than willing to consider Portugal or Turkey or someplace other than Africa and Europe.

Just to let you know that there IS such a thing as a regional SNP, in This, on the other hand, would be something we could take to the bank....except we don't have any J-Z640 in the core Melungeon Project .

Some of the conclusions and opinions in my first book, Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families, published in 2000. has been proven wrong by the core Melungeon DNA project formed with FamilyTreeDNA July 25, 2005. In most of the Jury trials found to date they claimed to be Portuguese, but most of these including the Perkins E1b1a African.

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  1. People get over it, stop trying to be something other than BLACK, you all want to claim to be Portuguese but DNA has busted your bubble, you all are BLACK, GET OVER IT.